Dexters Life:Chapter 1:Welcome to Dexters Lab

Dexter has been busy working on his latest projects that are guarded by his programed minions.Dexter was running to across the hallway to the kitchen to fetch some soda.Then a ononimous ringing bell is heard.Dexter opens the door of his house and sees the delivery man handing him his long awaited gift from the Los Angeles US military department,located at Sant Monica.A recorded message is also sent to him by US military sergeant Pierce.Dexter opens the secret passage that leads to his lab where Dexter is seen standing in a elevator.Dexter arrives at the factory chambers and plays the recorded message.

^^Dexter,we wanted to congratulate you in stoping our nuclear reactor from exploding.If there is anything else we love more its you^^

Dexter reads a note that i addressed to him.

^^Dexter,this prototype is just for you.I knew somebody was going to analyze the remaining information that we couldnt handel.So why dont you place this artifact in one of your liquid tubes and watch it suprise you with scientific achivements^^

Dexter heads over to the research facility that is under his mechanical control.Dexter enters the safety chambers and orders one of his minions to carefully hold the speciement in place while he goes over to recalibrate the systems.He then goes over to the control panel and opens the doorway to the stationary outposts.He acquires a crowbar and enters his DEX suit to protect him from the smelly enviroment.Dexter passes through a mutant infested factory sector and finds the doors to the control room.He enters his maintence password and steps in the control room to begin testing the prototype.He orders his minions to place the prototype in the laser core.When he activates the laser all systems show normal power.When Dexter begins setting the laser beam to maximum the prototype activates when his sealed porticullis breaks free and reveals a mars stone inside.Mutant creatures begin skirmishing through the lab when the mars stone explodes and depicts a reddish,hologram-like organisam attacking Dexter.It is soon revealed that Mandark was the one behind the message not the US military.He wanted Dexters lab to be discoverd by different means of sabotage and destroy the Lorealis that within itself hides lethal technological advances.Dexter rises and finds Mandark troops invading his lab and mutants escaping through the sewers.Dexters fights off the mutant hordes and trys his best skills to protect his parents from the infectious disease Mandarks minions are unleashing while fighting for his life to return everything in calm stasis on DEX-C.

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Dex is the main character in HB's little show. He's just a normal cool kid that uses clothes


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